Data Transmission

To provide a complete service for our customers that covers all their needs, our product range includes applications to transfer and manage the data collected by our defibrillators.

We provide three applications, each for a different purpose:

  • Reanibex Data Manager: An application for viewing ECG data on a desktop computer.
  • Reanibex Data Link: A smartphone application for visualising and sending data to the cloud.
  • Reanibex Data Cloud: A web application to manage, store and visualise data received from direct acquisition by units equipped with the GSM module, or from the Reanibex Data Link application.

The Reanibex Data Manager PC software is a simple and flexible tool for downloading and accessing the data from different Reanibex units during patient interventions.

Reanibex Data Manager displays the ECG signal data, together with audio (if the unit recorded it), trends in the different monitored parameters, and events that occur during the intervention. You can use the program to annotate the data with extra details about the intervention and fill out basic data entry forms.

The Reanibex Data Manager software is available for downloading by filling the form below.

Reanibex Data Link is an application for Android mobile devices which allows you to access and visualise data from any Reanibex device with the Bluetooth module.

There are two ways to use Reanibex Data Link:

  1. To transfer data from the defibrillator to a smartphone to display and manage it.
  2. As part of the patient data transmission system, once the data is received on the Android device, it can be forwarded to cloud storage. Once in the cloud, it can be managed using the Reanibex Data Cloud Application and reviewed by medical staff remotely.

The types of data sent by the Reanibex units include: 12 ECG leads, the biometric parameters of the modules available in the unit, patient data, and (if the unit has it) the Interpretation data.

Reanibex Data Cloud is a web application that forms part of the data transfer system.

The data acquisition system of our defibrillators with the GSM module can collect data and sent it directly to the cloud. Once the data has been transferred, the Reanibex Data Cloud web application can be used to store, manage and monitor the data.

With the Reanibex Data Cloud application, you can access data about an episode in a remote location.

Among the data you can display are: 12 ECG leads, the biometric parameters of the modules available in the unit, patient data, and (if the unit has it) the Interpretation data.

The application also allows you to export the data to a PDF file, which is displayed automatically as soon as new data is received.

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