Bexen Cardio is one of the 98 cooperatives that make up the Mondragon Group.
Today, Mondragon is made up of around 100 autonomous and independent cooperatives,
making it the leading Basque business group and the tenth-largest in Spain.


1980 – Bexen was founded in 1980 to design, manufacture, and market electromedical equipment.

1990 – In 1990 it made a strategic decision to specialise in defibrillators.

1998 – In 1998 it obtained the CE marking, enabling it to enter a wider market full of opportunities.

2002 – In 2002 Bexen Cardio manufactured its first Biphasic Automated External Defibrillator with an analysis algorithm, the REANIBEX 200.

2012 – In 2012 we introduced a new trademark: Bexen Cardio.


We are a cooperative specialising in defibrillators, and concern for caring for people and their
welfare, together with continuous development and innovation, are our guiding principles.

We’ve been saving lives for 40 years, and we’re still Spain’s only defibrillator manufacturer
with a major presence in the international market.


More than 80% of our sales are in international markets, and our network of approved
distributors enable us to reach to more than a hundred countries.


Bexen Cardio’s primary objective is for our products to meet the highest international quality standards:

 ISO 13485:2016 and EC mark

ISO 13485:2016

Download certification

EC 1434

Download certification


Innovation is a key factor for the future of our business, which is why we continuously invest more than 20% of our revenue in R&D.

When improving our existing products and developing new ones, we always work with multidisciplinary teams with our partners, including the Faculty of Telecommunications of the Basque Public University, the Polytechnic Institute of Valencia, Cruces University Hospital, and
the Ikerlan Engineering Centre.


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